Volatility-Based Technical Analysis bridges the advantage gap between resource rich institutions and individual traders. It is a no-calculus, plain English text that reveals original, highly technical, mathematical-based volatility indicators; complete with MetaStock® and TradeStation® code. With this in hand, any trader can “trade the invisible” by seeing a hidden mathematical structure on the price chart. Author Kirk Northington reveals his proprietary volatility indicators which serve as a market early warning system. Northington extensively teaches you how to build your own indicators, test them, and incorporate your original components into your specific trading methods.

This book:

• Walks traders through the mathematical techniques needed to create indicators that fit their own style

• Illustrates volatility-based entries and exits with over 170 descriptive chart examples

• Introduces two new concepts in technical analysis: Volatility Shift and PIV

Written with the serious trader in mind, Volatility-Based Technical Analysis has what you need to successfully trade today’s institutionally dominated markets.

Volatility-Based Technical Analysis is available in bookstores, and at most online book stores.


Take a tour of a professional volatility-based
technical analysis trading system.


Download the original TTI MetaStock indicator pack shown in the book

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Download the original TTI TradeStation indicator pack shown in the book

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The risk of loss in trading securities, options, futures and foreign exchange can be substantial. MetaSwing® users and customers must consider all relevant risk factors including their own personal financial situation before trading. Northington Trading, LLC assumes no responsibility for actual trading results based on using MetaSwing® software, or any of its training or support media. MetaSwing® software users and customers must use MetaSwing at their own risk.  MetaSwing® does not produce recommendations to buy or sell, but rather guidelines to interpreting their respective analysis methods. This information should only be used by investors who are aware of the risks inherent in securities trading. Northington Trading, LLC accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of these products or their contents.  Any form of financial trading involves substantial risk of loss.


Kirk Northington, CMT is the owner of Northington Trading, LLC, and the creator of MetaSwing, a Bloomberg, MetaStock and TradeStation Add-On. He trades his own money, and uses the technical analysis methods presented in this book exclusively.  Kirk Northington is a quantitative technical analyst, and is a member of the Market Technicians Association.